Cube in Gallery tour

Puzzling World Tours for Obscura Day 2017

The iconic Wanaka attraction is offering the rare opportunity to join guided tours through the business as part of the 6th annual Obscura Day on May 6th 2017.


This event and over 170 others, take place in 25 countries around the world, all on one single day with the organiser, Atlas Obscura’s mantra of “celebrating discovery and exploration” being central in the events offered.

Featuring as one of just two NZ-based events, the Puzzling World tour offers “a rare chance to visit each of the famous Illusion Rooms and find out about the history, development, inspiration, and science behind this remarkable attraction. Among the things you'll explore: Puzzling World's Tilted House, the Following Faces that seemingly track your every move, and the real reason legions of Lord of the Rings fans still visit their Ames Room. You'll also find out how their Leaning Tower of Wanaka sits perched at an incredible 53-degree angle. The tour will end with a hot drink and an Obscura Day cheer, after which you can continue exploring on your own”.

Duncan Spear, Puzzling World’s marketing manager is excited about the day, “We’ve always been followers of things ‘weird and wonderful’ and have long admired Atlas Obscura’s quest to unearth curious sites around the world so we’re very pleased to be involved in this year’s line-up”

Tickets for the tour can be purchased through the Atlas Obscura website at: