Pitch Perfect at Puzzling World

Wednesday, 21 June 2023

School children, senior citizens and customers lucky enough to time their visit to Puzzling World last week were entertained by the world-famous ‘Harvard Krokodiloes’ in the attraction’s Sculptillusion Gallery.

The ‘Kroks’, Harvard University's oldest acapella group are a twelve-man group of undergraduates who sing an assortment of classic jazz, swing, and funk from the Great American Songbook and every year embark on a 15–18-week tour across the world. They’ve performed for esteemed audiences including King Bhumibol of Thailand, President Mukherjee of India, Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, and Tom Hanks at performance venues everywhere from Sydney Opera House to Carnegie Hall.

With a kiwi-born member and manager, Alex Zhou in charge of building the itinerary he was excited to include a visit to Wanaka in their schedule, “Having grown up in Christchurch, I am aware that the Krokodiloes' brand of jazz acapella is incredibly hard to come by in New Zealand. As such, it was a privilege for us to share our music with Puzzling World visitors!”

After a warm-up that included a team-building race through the maze, the Kroks sang a 30-minute show of classic tunes, twists on new hits and a stunning rendition of the Māori love song Pōkarekare Ana that, as Puzzling World’s marketing manager Duncan Spear declared, ‘..was like a warm ray of sunshine we needed after 3 weeks of gloomy weather!”