Creative Absurdity at PW.

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Have you ever heard of the “Shoe Umbrellla” – the tiny umbrella connected to your shoes or high heels to make them resistant to the heaviest downpour? No? How about the “Eyedrop Funnel Glasses” – designed to allow those ocularly challenged among us the ability to put eyedrops in, without removing their glasses? If this sounds too weird to be true then Puzzling World’s latest exhibition, tilted “Un-useless: the art of creating nothing” is sure to educate and amuse.

From a range of bizarre inventions inspired by the Japanese Chindogu phenomenon to patently hopeless steam-punk creations, a cabinet of tasty but completely inedible food and a photography series by the Italian ‘master of manipulation’ Guiseppe Calarusso, the attraction has sourced items from near and far to complete the wacky exhibition.
“The kind of mind-set of Kenji Kawakami from Japan, the American designer Kristina Lechner, Guiseppe and closer to home, Sean Boyd of Clyde deserves to be celebrated, so we’re very pleased to launch an exhibition at Puzzling World that does just that”, marketing manager, Duncan Spear said.

Recent additions include a screen displaying dozens of "Unnecessary Inventions" by Matt Bennedetto and examples of hilarious prank gift boxes by

The creative genius to invent objects that, on the face of it appear rational however on closer inspection could never succeed appeals to the emotional response desired by the attraction’s management.
“We’re always seeking to engage our customers to see, think, and hopefully reach an “Aha!” moment during their entire visit with us, so “Un-useless” certainly fits the bill here”, Heidi Landsborough, the managing director states.