Wanaka Podcast - Season 4 - Ep. 05: Duncan Spear

Friday, 2 April 2021

Jess sits down with Duncan Spear from Puzzling World. Duncan runs this iconic Wanaka business with his wife Heidi. He tells the story of Puzzling World and how the business was created in 1973 by his in-laws, Stuart and Jan Landsborough. The business is a Wanaka ‘must-do’. It’s fun for both adults and kids and it has enjoyed new domestic tourists over the past year. The business philosophy is about fun, being something unique, and pushing the boundaries. Duncan and Heidi are focused on making work fun for their staff and providing an opportunity for them to develop. Balance is Duncan’s measure of success and constantly moving forward is vital. Duncan claims to be impatient; he entered the world 10 weeks premature and has been keen to get after it ever since. Duncan is driven, enthusiastic and excited about running this amazing Wanaka business. Click here and enjoy this chat with Duncan about his life in Wanaka.