Puzzle Inventor Needs Help!

On December 5th, Wanaka’s Puzzling World will be hosting the international launch of Tantrix Quest – the latest offering from one of New Zealand’s most renowned puzzle creators.

In 1988, Wellington shop owner Mike McManaway came up with the idea for Tantrix, a hexagonal tile-based abstract game that now ranks as New Zealand's most successful puzzle-game.
The first edition was a humble cardboard version which was mainly sold through Puzzling World and became popular items on the Puzzle Centre tables.
Following feedback, often gained by customers at Puzzling World, along with perseverance and, according to Mike, “Plenty of luck”, Tantrix eventually took off and went on to sell over four million copies worldwide.
Now, over twenty-five years later a new puzzle called Tantrix Quest will be launched, described as the hardest Tantrix puzzle to date, and so going back to its roots, what better place to choose for the launch than Wanaka's Puzzling World!

From 10.30am on December 5th in the attraction’s Puzzle Centre, Mike along with the NZ Distributor, Adrien Lefebvre and Attila Mikulan, the Hungarian ex-world Tantrix champion will be laying down the challenge to visitors to attempt to solve Quest and win big!

Why Quest?
Tantrix Quest is the hardest Tantrix puzzle yet invented & the Ultimate version has never been solved.
In the interests of sanity, Quest is sold with a portable "Puzzle Pack" containing a selection of 40 different puzzles.
Though Mike thinks it would take months (if not years) for the average player to gain the necessary skills, anyone from the public who can solve the Ultimate Quest on the day of the launch will be shouted a trip to France to compete in the World Quest Champs.

Additional info:
Quest consists of 14 Tantrix tiles (hexagonal resin tiles with hand-painted coloured links).The 14 tiles have to be played in a random order, which creates over 87 billion possible sequences.
The World Quest Champs take place on May 18th, 2015 in Guillestre, France.