Rasta Lion 2 cropped

Plenty to see at PUZZLING WORLD!

A firm belief in giving their customers more “bang for their buck” and encouraging them to truly absorb themselves in the illusionary theming, the team at Puzzling World have continuously added and improved features between each of their five Illusion Rooms – an area they call “the walls of wonder”.


Paintings from Alaska and Bali, wall hangings from Peru and prints from some of the world’s past and current leaders in illusionary art adorn the walls, demonstrating just how universal the popularity of optical illusions are throughout history and across the globe.  

You’ll discover Canada’s Robert Gonsalves’ works of “magical realism” complementing the “impossible reality” of the Dutch master, M.C Escher at the other end of the business. Further along, Ambigrams, a type of illusionary word-art is explored while being watched on by NZ’s first Virtual Assistant – a projected holographic guide to assist customers within the rooms.

The provocative paintings of Andre Martins de Barros, a Spaniard who specializes in creating human form through everyday objects sits comfortably alongside Victorian-era illustrations like Vanity which ranks asperhaps the first of its kind to bring optical illusion art into the mainstream. 

An incredible 3-dimensional knit of Einstein hangs alongside an Amish inspired cuboid design, followed by a more walls of brain-bending images and massive window decals to give an ethereal stained glass feel to the Sculptillusion Gallery. And the latest addition is a fun one - a huge Lenticular image of a transforming Lion – from King of the Pride to Toking Rasta!

As Operations and Marketing Manager Duncan Spear puts it, “While we firmly believe that the Illusion Rooms themselves are spectacular in their own right, the plentiful wall space that separate the rooms have provided us with a “blank canvas” to explore other themes of optical illusions and has been fun to fill!”

One thing is sure – when visitors to Puzzling World have finished the Great Maze, taken on the Puzzle Centre and begun to explore the Illusion Rooms their eyes and brains sure won’t be taking a rest!