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The team at Wanaka’s Puzzling World have had a busy time not only with record visitor numbers over the course of 2015 but also with organising an exhibition that’s sure to wow the summer crowds this year!

Have you ever wondered how advertisers use illusions to capture our attention? In a world where mass media is the norm advertising agencies are well aware of the information overload consumers face each day. For an advert or promotion to be effective clever techniques are being used more and more to “cut through” to people who have become numb to traditional campaign tactics.

A great way to grab attention is to utilise optical illusions. People often love simple brain tricks and are more likely to linger on those advertisements that provide illusions for them to ponder.

Showcasing some recent and some past campaigns used by local and international brands the exhibition, due to open in December celebrates some unusual, clever and startling examples from German job agencies, American freight companies and NZ brands, among others that have embraced the use of illusions in their campaigns.    

Housed within a dedicated “pod” in the Sculptillusion Gallery,  this exhibition tilted “Just Ad Illusions” marks the first in this illusion room - the fifth and newest one (2013) at Puzzling World. 

“We’re very pleased to launch an exhibition of this nature as we get the chance to utilise our gallery space as intended and on a personal level we can celebrate two areas I’m fascinated with, namely advertising and illusions”, marketing manager Duncan Spear reports.

Following on from an extensive redevelopment project in all areas of the business this exhibition is very much aimed at giving the team at Puzzling World a “full stop” in their year of change while adding a new space for returning summer holiday-makers.

"We’re conscious of the fact that our repeat customers genuinely want to see new things with each visit so we work hard to achieve this” says Operations Manager Duncan Spear.

One thing is for sure, the bumper crowds due into Puzzling World this summer will easily see the efforts made on new developments and initiatives, ensuring the business that prides itself on continually evolving certainly won’t disappoint!