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A Visual & Information revolution!

Have you ever wondered how the Tilted House works - why does it feel so weird?! The answers to this and to many other similar questions can now be found within the latest additions to Puzzling World.


STQRY – a free smartphone app has been added to all areas of the business that allows the user to scan unique QR codes to delve deeper into the fascinating stories and facts behind the development and science behind the Illusion Rooms, Great Maze, History and other key sites.

“The app is a way to help enrich our visitors experience”, says Duncan Spear, manager at Puzzling World. “By offering background information and interesting ‘tid-bits’ in over 60 different languages we can continue to offer our customers a more educational visit and to use STQRY’S own slogan, help visitors to explore further, engage deeper and discover more”

STQRY.com is the website alternative visitors can use to access the same information.

Tracking apps are also due to be installed into The Great Maze in 2015 which are designed to offer the user the chance to see personal time and distance measurements undertaken while solving the maze.

Three new TV screens have also been installed above the front counter to display promo videos, adverts and admission rates. Together with the History Wall video clip and an all-new colour scheme painted throughout, the visitor experience is one of colour and imagery!

"We’re excited to add experiences for our customers that utilize modern technology in a way that helps to launch us into our fifth decade of operation in an appropriate way” says Operations Manager Duncan Spear.

Aside from the tangible developments, Puzzling World has also just launched a new website packed full of images, information and interactive features along with a new web shop stocked with their most popular and exclusive items.

“I’d be doing a dis-service to our hard-working maintenance crew if I didn’t also mention that a major board replacement, full pathway re-surface and complete repaint project has just finished in the Great Maze”, Duncan was keen to add!

One thing is for sure, the bumper crowds due into Puzzling World this summer will easily see the efforts made on new developments and initiatives, ensuring the business that prides itself on continually evolving and improving certainly won’t disappoint!