TUFT New Logo

We're asking customers to "Get Tuft"!

Today, we've proudly launched a new initiative with Wanaka’s Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust to enable visitors to become ‘kaitiaki’ of the forest.

26 August 2019


Psych Challenge logo

The Psychic Challenge turns 25!

Most visitors to Wanaka’s iconic attraction, Puzzling World are well aware of the visual and mental treats on offer but this month marks the 25th anniversary of one if it’s lesser known products – the $100,000 Psychic Challenge.

5 August 2019


4 millionth Lin family from LA 201118

Puzzling World hits 4 million

The iconic Wanaka attraction that most saw doomed to fail when it opened will celebrate their 45th birthday this year and just welcomed their four millionth customer!

28 November 2018


JVs together

Add an experience, save some money

For visitors wanting a Wanaka day out or those heading west, a range of co-op passes has just been released. Crossfire Wanaka, Ridgeline Adventures and Glacier Hot Pools now have joint tickets with Puzzling World to make their southern experience even better (and a little cheaper!)

21 June 2018


Wall 3 Un useless

Creative Absurdity is celebrated at Puzzling World!

Have you ever heard of the “Shoe Umbrellla” – the tiny umbrella connected to your shoes or high heels to make them resistant to the heaviest downpour? No? How about the “Eyedrop Funnel Glasses” – designed to allow those ocularly challenged among us the ability to put eyedrops in, without removing their glasses? If this sounds too weird to be true then Puzzling World’s latest exhibition, tilted “Un-useless: the art of creating nothing” is sure to educate and amuse.

16 April 2018


Silicon Stu + London Booth

London, Blades & Stupidity in 2018

Puzzling World has had a busy summer - but not just with an influx of visitors and a full rebranding as many additions, both large and small, finishing touches and plans are advanced to help improve their offering further and assist in cementing their “weird” theme.    

20 March 2018


TestYourBrain grab

A Brain Brand Refresh

If there's one thing that the iconic Wanaka attraction of Puzzling World are known for, it's that they like to shake things up from time to time. With a brand refresh currently in action they're heading into 2018 with a new look that, like the business itself, is designed to engage and amuse.

31 October 2017


Cube in Gallery tour

Puzzling World Tours for Obscura Day 2017

The iconic Wanaka attraction is offering the rare opportunity to join guided tours through the business as part of the 6th annual Obscura Day on May 6th 2017.

6 April 2017


Puzzeta SL

Welcome to Wanaka’s Wonderful World of Currency!


Puzzling World has always been a place of unique, sometimes bizarre features that truly make it a “world” of its own. Recent initiatives however have many questioning if the business is creating their own little principality in the heart of NZ’s Southern Lakes!     

30 November 2016


Supreme Award with SL

A great night for PW at the 2016 Ignite Wanaka Business Awards

World-famous Wanaka tourism attraction Puzzling World has been judged the supreme winner at the inaugural 2016 Ignite Wanaka Business Awards on Friday night (November 4).

7 November 2016