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Hover over (or tap) the map to explore the attractions available at Puzzling World.

We have the world’s first 3-D ‘Super Maze’, a large Puzzle Centre/Cafe, plus an incredible collection of Illusion Rooms that have to be seen to be believed.

The themes of wonder and visual trickery doesn’t just come with admission, as some of our areas are free to enter.

Welcome to Wanaka's Wonderful World of Weirdness!

Wall Wonders

We won't let your eyes (or brain) rest for a minute here at Puzzling World.

Every wall you'll encounter between each Illusion Room carries incredible artwork, brain teasers and optical illusions that will amaze, educate and leave you wondering "what the?!"   

With much of what you see also available to purchase from our gift shop, you can take a piece of Puzzling World home with you to marvel at and share the fun.  

Ticket Counter

When you enter Puzzling World you don't need to squeeze by a ticket counter manned by a soul-less individual just to have a look inside.

Here we invite you to come in, check out our Puzzle Centre, shop & cafe, view the videos and history wall, read the info (offered in 16 languages) and if you're still not sure what we're all about - ask our friendly staff for help.

When you decide to buy admission for one or all of our attractions (as most do) here is where you'd do it. Welcome to Puzzling World.  

Leaning Tower

An icon of the south, The Leaning Tower of Wanaka is tilted at an astounding 53 degrees and balances on just one corner!

Grab the chance to get a great shot of friends or family seemingly holding, ripping or getting crushed by this crazy piece of architecture.

Need some photo inspiration? A handy signboard by the Impossible Steps (more photo opportunities) gives you several set-up options to get you perfectly posed!  

Roman Toilets

Even the public toilets at Puzzling World are a lesson in perspective as we give the term “truly historic proportions” a whole new meaning!

Don't be shy, take a seat alongside our 'Romans' and snap yourself within the scene - pants on please!

Also, make sure a visit to the Illusion Room toilets isn't missed as more visual treats await the user.

The Great Maze

This iconic attraction has its beginnings here with the world’s first 3-D ‘Super Maze’. Built in 1973, the Great Maze began a world-wide “Maze Craze” with the objective being to negotiate pathways, underpasses and over-bridges to seek four corner towers before finding the exit to the central courtyard.

The design also includes several Emergency Exits to assist those with little time or patience and offers a fun challenge for all ages.


The geographical centre of the business, our large sunny courtyard is a great place to eat your lunch, wait for your friends or family to complete the maze and enjoy the natural surroundings.

With 8 large tables in the outdoor area and long bench-style options under cover even the largest group is catered for.

Gift Shop

From NZ made wooden puzzles, string puzzles and metal creations to the latest family games and much more, all ages and stages are covered in our large gift shop.

We work hard to bring an outstanding range into our shop and can help you find a perfect educational and interactive souvenir of your time at Puzzling World.

If you've been looking for that extra special puzzle or unique gift item but won't be visiting our on-site shop any time soon, take a look at our online SHOP tab.

Puzzle Centre/Cafe

It’s time to engage the brain with some of Puzzling World’s most popular puzzles laid out on dozens of tables for you to try.

We want to help unlock some of that puzzling potential you have inside, so don't be shy, pick up a puzzle and give it a go - but it's nice to know trained staff are on hand to help out if required.

Feeling hungry? Why not work on a solution while enjoying a drink or bite to eat from our onsite café?

Hologram Hall

Walk through one of the world’s largest displays of incredible 3-D Hologram photos and features that include NZ’s only Holoboxx and Holoblade displays and our very own Mirrorscope hologram.

Science, pop culture and history are all explored in a truly fascinating manner.

Travelling with small children? You may need to lift them up to enjoy some of the holograms - but they'll thank you for it!

Tumbling Towers

Why build anything normal when your theme is ‘eccentricity’?!

Four skewed, yet connected towers have been welcoming visitors into Wanaka for over 35 years and give a glimpse into what Puzzling World is all about – being fun, unique and just a little bit weird.

You can walk onto the deck to capture a great shot or attempt to look like you're pushing, holding or balancing these iconic towers.

Tilted House

Be prepared to be baffled as we ask the questions – can water flow uphill? how does a monorail go from floor to ceiling? is it me or the room that’s moving?!

Your understanding of true horizontal will go crazy in a room where logic is defied.

Just a wee note: if you suffer from balance issues you're welcome to try this room but don't worry we have "by-pass gates" if you're struggling :)

Hall Of Following Faces

Discover the eerie sensation as 168 famous faces seemingly follow your every move in a room invented by Puzzling World creator, Stuart Landsborough and sculptor, Derek Ball.

Drawing on your innate abilities to recognise when you’re being watched, this large octagonal room offers the chance to feel like you're surrounded by greatness and just has to be experienced.

Ames Room

Our very own Forced Perspective, or Ames Room is a simple, yet incredible illusion.

Witness the amazing distortion of this specially designed room where dwarfs & giants are created and where kids can finally outgrow their parents just by crossing the floor!

A video playback as you leave the room offers the ability to watch yourself shrink or grow within its walls.

Sculptillusion Gallery

Immerse yourself in a large, light-filled space filled with incredible illusionary displays from some of NZ’s most talented sculptors.

From floor to ceiling, architectural trickery and artistic talent combine to offer an award-winning building that is sure to impress. 

A dedicated exhibition 'pod' means an ever-changing presentation of weird and wonderful items is on display. The latest exhibition; "Un-useless" - celebrating the “genius stupidity” of  impossible or useless inventions is guaranteed to raise a smile! 


Great Maze

The Great Maze

This iconic attraction has its beginnings here with the world's first 3-D ‘Super maze’. Negotiate pathways, underpasses and over-bridges to seek the corner towers before finding the exit to the central courtyard. Several Emergency Exits to assist those with little time or patience are also available!

Illusion Icon

Illusion Rooms

If mind-boggling fun is what you're after, our five Illusion Rooms are sure to deliver. From a huge collection of holograms, a room where famous faces seem to follow you, one where you appear to shrink or grow, another where objects glide uphill and a sun-filled gallery of illusionary sculptures, these incredible rooms are designed to challenge your reality!

Illusion Rooms

The Puzzle Centre & Cafe

It’s time to engage the brain with some of Puzzling World’s most popular puzzles laid out on dozens of tables for you try while enjoying a drink or bite to eat from the café. Trained staff are on hand to help out if required!


Photo Follies

Being named one of the ‘world’s weirdest’ attractions' comes from not only what's offered inside but outside too with wacky and iconic landmarks of Leaning Towers, Puzzling Toilets and Impossible Stairs that are all included in the experience! A Photographer's dream awaits!

Falling Floor

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As a guide, The Great Maze should take you between 30-60 mins and for visiting our Illusion Rooms allow 30 mins.

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