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If you can’t personally visit our incredible onsite puzzle shop or you have no room left in your suitcase, then this is the place for you! We’ve hand-picked some of the best examples in various categories to offer you a great chance to pick up a perfect memento of Puzzling World – enjoy!


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10 PZ (PUZZETA Gift Voucher)

Why spend your own money when you can spend ours?!

PUZZETA’S are our own in-house “currency” that can be purchased by customers to gift to family & friends or to use yourself.

Anything in-store can be purchased, whether it be admission tickets, café items or puzzles from the gift shop, so what better gift to give for that friend or family member who loves a bit of puzzling in their life?!

Martins De Barros, French artist & creator of the Fantastical Realism genre is featured on our 10 PZ note.

* Sorry - PZ notes ($1NZ = 1PZ) can only be posted to NZ addresses.

Unique To Us! Made In New Zealand