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If you can’t personally visit our incredible onsite puzzle shop or you have no room left in your suitcase, then this is the place for you! We’ve hand-picked some of the best examples in various categories to offer you a great chance to pick up a perfect memento of Puzzling World – enjoy!


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Robotime - Orpheus

Orpheus, a robot-shaped DIY music box that plays music and lights up will be a steadfast companion to any older child or adult. 
Assemble Orpheus yourself or with your kids from the laser-cut wood pieces, and soon you will have your own hand-cranked music box with moving gears and lights, as well as arms and legs. His melody, aptly is called "Can't take my eyes off you," which you can play any time you need some inspiration, or when you feel Orpheus needs some attention. Assembled Size: 150x92x185mm